Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A first for everything...

After many hours of reading, researching, writing and re-writing, I have finally written up a training plan for myself. Now, this is the first time that I have actually put ANY effort into training, let alone write a training plan. Before hand it'd just be a Friday evening at the local bouldering wall, or a session in the gym once a week followed by some fingerboarding.

But I have bought a new fingerboard, the Beastmaker 2000, and with this I'm hoping that it'll motivate me to train properly and regularly! And so it has begun! Today I started the training programme: 40mins of Upperbody work followed by 35mins doing repeaters on the fingerboard.

But as with everything, I havn't found a way to get out running yet. I don't really like running. Not around the village anyway. But I'll force my way out in due course. Any way, below is a list of my goals that I hope to acheive through this plan, albeit, over a period of months and years...

MTG (6months - April 2013)
  • Onsight 7a
  • Redpoint 7b+
  • 30+ VS 4c+ multi-pitch climbs
  • Boulder V4
  • Onsight E4
LTG (1+ years)
  • Osight 7b+
  • Redpoint 8a
  • Onsight E5/6
  • Alpine D+/TD
  • MIA Trained

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